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    What to see on Altopiano di Pinè during the summer

    The walk around Piazze and Serraia lakes, perfect for kids

    Finally the nice season is back! What to do in Cembra valley and Altopiano di Pinè when the sun is warm and the sky is blue? There is no lack of ideas! But if you want to spend a calm day in the open air and lose yourself in the nature, you absolutely cannot miss the walk around the Piazze and Serraia lakes.

    Not far from each other (less than 2 km), the two lakes are situated on Altopiano di Pinè, at about 1000m of elevation. They are easily accessible by car and it is a great place for swimming since they are certified by “bandiera blu” (blue flag) for the quality of water and offered services. With a lakeside that does not differ in altitude and multiple places to relax, this walk is particularly suitable for families with kids and for anyone that wants to enjoy a calm walk. What if you are together with your four-legged friends? No problem! Piazze Lake has a dedicated beach for them. Let’s have a closer look at these mirrors of water that are situated in the green of Trentino’s mountains.

    Let’s start at Piazze Lake, in Bedollo municipality, at about 15 minutes by car from our hotel Tirol. It is an artificial lagoon where you can easily have a swim and access the restrooms and showers which are available to tourists. Remember to bring a blanket to lay on when enjoying the sun, either on the green grass or one of the pebbly beaches. The water is not very warm but you can easily and safely have a swim in it, and, thanks to the surveillance of a lifeguard, you can let your kids have fun in the designated areas. The path around the Piazze Lake is about 3,5 km long, with sections in the shadows and in the sunlight. It is unpaved but easy to walk on, also with strollers and bikes. The path is also provided with some benches too. The BauBeach – dogs beach – is situated on the southern shore. The lagoon is also full of trouts: if you have a passion for fishing, know that it is possible to fish with a daily paid permission.

    In case you want to go on a longer walk, once you arrive at the dam, you can continue towards Baselga di Pinè and you will reach the Serraia Lake (about 20 minutes walk). It has glacial origins and shares the same type of walk as the Piazze Lake: flat, with paved and unpaved sections but most of all the amazing panorama. Surrounded by the green woods, also Serraia Lake a the perfect spot for swimming and provides beaches that are kept under surveillance. On the shores, there are various refreshment points, playgrounds for kids and a beach volleyball field. A part of the leakside includes the biotope Paludi di Sternigo: if you look carefully between the rushes, you could glimpse a coot and other aquatic birds. The walk around Serraia (3,7 km) is perfect if you want to keep in shape: as it is one of the percorsi di Salute (Health paths), with explanations and suggestions about possible exercises to perform along the path.

    In total, the walk around the two lakes is about 9 km long and it will take 2 hours.

    If you love animals we suggest you spend the day at Dallapiccola stables, which is halfway between the two lakes. Here you will have the chance to ride a horse in the nature and the kids can enjoy activities with ponies.

    If you are passionate about trekking and hiking, from Piazze di Bedollo it is possible to reach the Cascata del Lupo in less than half an hour by foot. It is an amazing waterfall which is 36 meters tall. And from there, with a 2 hours walk, it is possible to reach the Piramidi di Segonzano, which are pyramids made of sand (you can find this path ?here?).